5Practical Scissors Usage

- Jan 05, 2018 -

With scissors in the kitchen, there may be some families with little, in fact, in the kitchen can skillfully use this tool in cooking to do not imagine the good effect, even at some times feel more practical than the kitchen knife, with a pair of stainless steel scissors In many cases you do not need a chopping block can easily dispose of the ingredients

To treat meat with scissors

Replacing chopped chicken with scissors will reduce the time to clean the chopping block and not let the gravy splash around.

Use scissors to handle onion, leek, chili and other long-shaped vegetables

Use scissors to cut onions, leeks, and chili peppers until the soup or cooked dishes, do not have to wash chopping boards and kitchen knives.

Magical use of three, the treatment of foam ingredients

Can be dried mushrooms or dried vermicelli, such as long foaming time of the food cut into small segments, will shorten the foaming time, can also be directly cooked.

Use scissors to treat seafood, clean and sanitary

Shelled shrimp and crab with a kitchen knife treatment, easy to scratch hands, such as shrimp feet or shrimp must wait for details, with scissors fast and neat, but also relatively hygienic.

Magical five, ready kitchen scissors, can be cut open any packaging

With scissors cut open the packaging incision clean, especially powder packaging, if the use of hand unpacking packaging may be because the strength is too large to let powder everywhere splash, using scissors is convenient and clean practice

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