Application of ergonomics in left-handed scissors

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Ergonomic Requirements for scissors design:

1. The size, shape and surface condition of scissors should be adapted to the size and anatomical conditions of the hand.

2. It can keep the wrist straight while using, avoid the pressure of the palms too much, and try to share the pressure by the size of the hand, the thenar muscle and the tiger.

3. Avoid the repetitive bending of the fingers, avoid or reduce the static force of the muscle.

4. Tool use can not allow the same bundle of muscles can be precise control, but also a great strength, that is, the burden of accurate control of the muscles and the burden of the larger muscles to separate.

5. Attention to the characteristics and needs of women, left-handedness and other groups,

Scale is the most basic human-machine problem in industrial design, it studies human body structure characteristics and muscle energy characteristics from human body surveying, human body mechanics, physiology, psychology and so on, and provides the dimensions, body weight, body surface area, proportion of body parts, The center of gravity and human body parts in the activity of mutual relationship and the scope of the human body structure characteristics parameters. Through the dynamic parameters such as the range of exerting force, the range of motion, the speed, the frequency, the change of the center of gravity and the inertia of the movement, this paper analyzes the characteristics of human's visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and limb sensory organs, and the physiological changes, energy consumption, The degree of fatigue and adaptability to all kinds of labor load, more thorough research on the factors influencing the mental state in the work, and the influence of psychological factors on the working efficiency, etc.

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