Current situation and trend of scissors modeling at home and abroad

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Abroad after investigation and research, foreign scissors Development Status: (1) as a result of cultural differences, foreign to the individual targeted design more, especially in Japan in this regard a great deal of Kung Fu; (2) The industrialized production of foreign countries is much earlier than China, such as scissors such hardware products should also be produced earlier than our Chinese, Its technical content should be relatively high, natural shape design is also stronger than the domestic, like some European and American countries, the overall design level is much higher than the domestic. Like the famous "Cat Fish" scissors (designer: Francisco Filly Francesco Filippi, Italian, born in 1956), as with ordinary scissors, it is also two pieces of twisted together, this pair of scissors left-handers can also use There is also a common small scissors, but also easy to carry, but after a while, the external side of the thumb starts swelling, numbness, injury to the user's body, the human machine performance is not perfect.

This also shows that developed countries consciously to the importance of left-hand scissors, gradually to the left-hand scissors targeted design, in London, the famous anything handed shop, it is located in BREWER Street Road 57th. If the name of the store translated into Chinese, called "left-handed supplies Daquan." The store has been open for more than 30 years and is popular with lefties. Products are divided into scissors, knives, kitchenware, gardening tools, pens, books, stationery, sporting goods and musical instruments, gifts, children's supplies several major categories, more than 400 species. London left-handed products Daquan store is the world's first dedicated left-handed business,

Customers worldwide. But to a large extent still stay in the right-hand man can use the scissors, this makes the scissors of the human machine is poor, the left hand scissors do not have a system design.


China's current situation: (1)Chinaentered the industrial society than foreign late, the technical level is relatively backward, the product involved is not comprehensive. In particular, the production of scissors industry, although in technology and technology we have been to study abroad, in the continuous introduction of foreign technology, and foreign enterprises in the cooperation, China's scissors production has also achieved low consumption, lower pollution, high yield. But in the design, also to study abroad,Italyblindly imitation, ignoring the situation inChina, and then lost their own market. The main thing is foreign and domestic cultural background, the human hand size, etc. are not the same. (2) The domestic market appears most of the scissors products are traditional style, the traditional scissors have great defects, product single, no targeted design and humanized design, human machine engineering is not enough, especially for special purpose scissors, such as left-handed scissors, in the market or a blank

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