How to maintain household scissors

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Scissors include: industrial scissors, household scissors, beauty scissors, office scissors, student scissors, daily scissors, children's scissors, kitchen scissors, chicken bone scissors, rubber and plastic combination scissors, household scissors are commonly used in our life scissors.

Household Scissors are made of steel, so after use to clean up the residue, usually not used in the well-ventilated place, not often in a humid environment, to prevent the use of rust affected by the effect of regular to the knife head and easy to rub the hinge drop a few drops of oil, to prevent oxidation, and everyone's habits are different, With the strength and method of scissors is also different, so it is best not to be used as a common object, will be more able to prolong the life of the use, in addition to regular maintenance, or to form good habits to force brisk, at any time to clean up debris, Household scissors can become your close partner!

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