Indonesia Jakarta International Hardware Exhibition

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Held in conjunction with Jakarta International Fastener Exhibition inIndonesia

Indonesia Jakarta International Hardware Exhibition was originally sponsored by Wakeni Exhibition Company and Euroexpo exhibition company. This exhibition is held exclusively by Wakeni. The exhibition will be held in Jakarta,Indonesia, on September 26, 2018-29th, and the exhibition is held at the same time during the opening of the exhibition, as well as carpentry exhibitions, construction equipment exhibitions and kitchen and health exhibitions. 2017 The exhibition organizers United Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and Taiwan and other international media to promote the exhibition, exhibition area of 5,300 square meters, attracted 221 exhibitors, the number of viewers reached 8,600 people (2017 data for the hardware exhibition, Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Two exhibitions in unity data). Chinese goods inIndonesia's position is very strong, competitive, low-cost quality excellent widely loved. Chinese companies set up factory products in one ASEAN country and can sell duty-free to 10 other countries. can also enjoy the ASEAN andJapan,South Korea,Indiaand other countries of the excellent tariff policy. These conditions have becomeChina's hardware manufacturing to enter the Indonesian market favorable conditions. 2018 Indonesia Jakarta International Hardware exhibition, look forward to your joining!

Market Analysis

Indonesia has a population of 245 million, of whom 1, more than 0, is the fourth largest population in the world.Indonesia's geographical location is very important, located in Asia and Oceania, the Pacific and Indian Ocean "Crossroads", the impact of radiation in Southeast Asia, andAustraliaacross the sea.Indonesia's middle class is expected to surpass 150 million, andIndonesiawill become one of the world's most attractive markets.Indonesiais the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the only Southeast Asian country in the OPEC organization.Indonesiahas been in the leading position in ASEAN. By 2020,Indonesiais expected to become the world's 12th economic powerhouse. Indonesia's Central Bureau of Statistics issued June 15 Trade report, 2017 1-May, Indonesia foreign trade 130.63 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 17.9%, of which exports 68.26 billion U.S. dollars, year-on-year growth of 19.9%, import 13.67 billion U.S. dollars, the year-on-year growth of 11.4%, The cumulative trade surplus is 5.9 billion dollars. 2017 1-May, China Indonesia's non-oil and gas products trade volume of 21.44 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 25.1% per cent, Indonesia's exports of 7.77 billion U.S. dollars, the year-on-year growth of 59.5%, accounting for Indonesia's total exports of 12.5%, Indonesia's export destination first Indonesia imports 13.67 billion of dollars from China, an increase of 11.4% per cent, accounting for 26.1% of Indonesia's total imports, and the country's most-imported source. Indonesia's Jakarta Special Administrative Region is Indonesia's political hub, also for the Economic and commercial center, manufacturing industry is distributed in the Djawa Barat, Propinsi around Jakarta, Banten province and Djawa Timur, Propinsi. Such a distribution of political and economics, it is decided that the exhibition first inIndonesiadomestic importance, can be said to beIndonesia's domestic building materials hardware market vane.


Exhibits range


All the way

1, building materials machinery: processing equipment, glass doors and windows machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, electric and manual tools, special vehicles, transport equipment, site protection supplies, construction sites and other facilities;

2, Building materials: stone, ceramics, home accessories, brick, steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, cement, concrete, glass, gypsum, sealing materials, flooring and carpets, wallpaper and wall panels mosaic, paint and pigments, etc.

3, Building hardware: water nozzle, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware hardware fittings, doors and Windows hardware fittings, valves, fasteners, standard parts, pipe fittings, nail screen, etc.

4, Safety equipment Products: locks, hinges, anti-theft and alarm products, safety equipment, etc.

5, hand-held tools and accessories: measuring, cutting tools, molding tool, abrasives, drills, molds and accessories, tooling fixtures, etc.

6, furniture and gardening equipment: gardening maintenance and construction products, gardening utensils, irrigation equipment, garden leisure, outdoor furniture, courtyard facilities, landscaping and other decoration

  • Multi Scissors Kitchen Shears
  • Coating Handle Scissors for Household
  • Cute Flower Shape Stainless Paper Scissors
  • Household Scissor With Black Handle
  • Kitchen Shears Multifunction Come-Apart
  • Kitchen Shears Multi Purpose Scissors

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