Introduction to Tailor scissors

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Foreign countries have all over the sewing club, with a large number of sewing enthusiasts, they do not rigidly adhere to the ready-made, to sway their unique beauty. Sewing is not a machine-roaring factory, but a tranquil and graceful way of life. At home, people who can make their own clothes become "niche".

When he began to make clothes to know the importance of scissors to a tailor, no wonder that the original grandmother won't let me touch her tailor scissors. Scissors is like an extension of the tailor's hand, a good handy scissors, and tailor-made into one, look down at you now hand scissors, really easy enough?

Clothing is a kind of art

First of all, the size of the scissors to choose, generally used in the most commonly used in the tailor scissors is 10, 11, 12 inch tailor shears, a big bit of scissors to cut up quickly, open the opening also big, thick fabric no problem, but the disadvantage is too heavy. I used to use 10-inch scissors, because the hand is relatively small, big scissors too heavy, holding a long hand will be very uncomfortable, and in the process of operation will also be a little strenuous. Specific can be selected according to their own needs.

Garment Scissors

Scissors Definition: Scissors (English word scissors), is cutting cloth, paper, steel, rope, round steel, such as flaky or linear objects, two-edged tool, can be open and close. Although the scissors look, but uses widely, the tailor wants to cut the cloth to cut the line, the village woman wants the paper-cut, cuts the metal skin, the herdsman must cut the wool, the gardener must prune the strip, coppersmith to scissors ... Scissors have become an indispensable tool for people's daily production and life.



According to archaeological records, the ancient Egyptians had begun to use bronze scissors as early as 3rd century BC. In the walls of the Cong Onpo Shrine (Temple of Kom Ombo), scissors and some medical equipment are depicted, and scholars are widely believed to be the first to use surgical techniques by Egyptians.

But the scissors are not the crossover style used today, and this style of scissors by archaeologist Flinders Pitry (Flinders Petrie) is thought to have appeared in the ad 1th century. In the year 5th century, Esto (Isidore), a Spanish Seville, described the scissors as a major tool for tailors and barbers.

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