Iran Tehran International Hardware exhibition

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Exhibition Introduction


2018 Iran International Hardware Exhibition (iraninternationalhardware&) sponsored by Iran Tgexpo Corporation Toolsexhibition) will be held February 1, 2018 4th in the Iranian capital Tehran Shahr-eaftabfaircenter  Exhibition Center, the extension of four days.

The exhibition was first held in 2017, Iran is the only professional hardware exhibition, which is a very historic event in the Iranian exhibition industry, the exhibition will greatly promote Iran's national hardware, tools, standard parts procurement and application, and greatly help Iranian buyers in their own country to purchase products from around the world, At the same time will greatly promote Iran's foreign trade development. The exhibition is an unprecedented opportunity for Chinese-related enterprises. The relative lag ofIran's hardware industry, our enterprises have congenital advantages. Based onIran, focusing on the Middle  East market.


Market Analysis


ran is the world's largest oil and natural gas, is located in the world's richest oil and gas region of the Middle East. Oil exports are the lifeblood of the economy, oil production capacity and oil exports are in the world's fourth and second place respectively. The importance ofIraqbeing controlled by theUnited Statesis even more prominent, asIrancontrols the Persian Gulf's export hall of the Wood channel, which is important.Iranis one of the major economies in Asia.Iranhas the seventh largest economic power in Asia. After the 2008 financial crisis,China's building materials hardware export enterprises pay more attention to the development of emerging markets.Iranalso belongs to building materials hardware products can not fully meet domestic demand of the country, the building materials hardware import demand is also relatively high.

At the same time, according to the Ministry of Commerce website News, Iran is Iraq's building materials hardware imports of the main source country, therefore, trying to preempt Iran and Iran building materials market, to seek high returns of building materials hardware enterprises of the Iranian concern is quietly strengthened. With the recession in Europe and theUnited   States, the West African market turmoil, people have turned their eyes to the Iranian market. There has been an increase in the number of people who visitIranand want to stay in Tehran to do business.Irancurrently has a total of four free trade zones, namely Kish, Keshm, Chahbahar and Sirjan. In accordance with the Import and Immigration regulations promulgated by the Technical Commerce Commission of the Iran Free trade area, all items permitted and conditionally allowed to enter the free trade zone do not require the permission of the authorities concerned, and the production units and individuals may import the above goods into the four free trade areas without transferring the currency or the banking system. All goods imported into the free trade area may be re-exported to a third country. Trade advantage is obvious.


Exhibits range


1, Tools: Manual tools, power tools, gardening tools, jacks, welding machines, bench drill, etc.

2, Hardware: daily hardware, building hardware, fasteners, screen, etc.

3, Security Equipment: Lock class, anti-theft and alarm products, safety equipment, etc.

4, Auto Accessories: maintenance tools, pumps, auto parts and maintenance tools;

5, lighting Equipment: Lamps and accessories, all kinds of electrical equipment and materials;

6, Gardening and garden products: garden maintenance and pruning products, garden leisure products, barbecue products, pet supplies, etc.

7, garden furniture and landscaping: garden furniture, garden lighting, labor supplies, umbrellas, doors;

8, bathroom, kitchen equipment: All kinds of sanitary ware, toilet, basin, bathtub, shower room, flower shower, faucet and accessories, bathroom lighting, mirrors, bathroom hardware pendants, bathroom kitchen furniture and electrical appliances;

9, Electrical, lighting equipment: A variety of indoor and outdoor lamps, electrical switches, sockets, wire and cable;

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