Kitchen Salad scissors, 5 minutes to fix a salad

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Now the way of life, so that more and more people pay more attention to the health of lifestyle and diet, but also more and more people to join the salad family, salad whether as a weight loss meal or evening meal is a healthy and nutritious way, the key is also very convenient and fast. But many people do not like cutting vegetables, and the same cut is very troublesome, today to recommend a salad a family of kitchen artifacts-----salad scissors, can easily crush meat, vegetables or fruit, the right cut, to help you farewell cumbersome procedures


In the use of all the ingredients can be placed in the bowl, in the bowl can be different ingredients cutting good, the edge of the salad scissors is stainless steel blade, cut vegetable, fruit, meat and other salad ingredients can be easily completed; the side of the knife is wrapped in a non-slip silicone, can be placed on the edge of the salad bowl, more convenient to use, The scissors handle the outer layer has non-slip silicone, the use of more comfortable will not feel too hard


If you have a habit of eating salad every day, you get the simplest but most nutritious way to eat, to say goodbye to greasy eating habits and experience a different experience of healthy life.

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