Kitchen scissors Assistant 5 practical scissors usage

- Dec 02, 2017 -

In the kitchen with scissors may be used by some families, but in fact, the kitchen scissors can be clever use of this tool in the cooking of the imagination to play a good effect, and even at some times more practical than the kitchen knife with A stainless steel kitchen scissors on many occasions you do not need a cutting board can easily handle the ingredients

Using kitchen scissors instead of chop chicken will reduce the time it takes to clean the chopping block and will not spatter the gravy.

Dry mushrooms or dry powder can be a long time frying ingredients cut into small pieces, will shorten the hair foam time, but also direct cooking

Use kitchen scissors to cut the package cut clean and smooth, especially in powder packaging, if you open the package by hand because the force may be too large and let the powder splash around, the use of scissors is convenient and clean approach


  • Unique Design Tailor Stainless Steel Scissor Plastic Handle
  • Fabric Cutting Soft Red And Black Grip Tailor Scissors
  • 9.5 Inch Black Plastic Office Scissors
  • Office Scissors With Black Handle
  • Herb Scissors 5-Blades
  • Ktchen Scissors With Magnetic Blade Cover

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