Kitchen Scissors Wonderful

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Every one of the cutlery in the kitchen has its own foothold in the river, the kitchen scissors, do not underestimate its power, no matter chicken bone, nuts hard or fresh meat, seaweed soft, it can easily cut off, handy, become the kitchen indispensable practical tool.


The kitchen more use scissors blade generally uses the hardness strong steel, because it can cut the chicken wing or the joint bones and tendons, so good steel is the operation Safeguard, the general kitchen uses the scissors more to be the long arm design, this kind of design shearing force is strong. The hand of scissors is usually plastic or polyester with non-slip effect. In the kitchen a good kitchen with scissors can sometimes do "to cut the knife."


In the cooking to split a whole chicken, such as chicken wings, joints, bone parts and even the cartilage of other meat, can be used in the kitchen to cut easily interrupted, eliminating the trouble of chopping chop, also avoid the laborious chop chop and soup splash, very suitable for women to use.


When eating barbecue, sometimes large pork not convenient barbecue and eat, with kitchen scissors can be at the same time in the barbecue easy to cut open a large chunk of meat, convenient and easy to use in the field barbecue.


Seaweed is a very good food for the body, the day meal in the Sea Moss soup, and some food in the form of fine Sea Moss, the tool can not be cut at this time, and the kitchen scissors to easily cut dry and thin food like: laver, Seaweed, vermicelli, pasta, etc. can be cut with scissors and then cooking, is a very practical kitchen tools.


There is a small round hole in the handle intersection of the general kitchen scissors. It is designed for the cutting of dried fruit, such as the figure shown in the hazelnut in the hole at the bite, squeeze the scissors handle up and down, the hazelnut shell easily squeezed open, and will be good to retain the complete hazelnut kernel

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