Kitchen Utility Scissors Wonderful

- Dec 25, 2017 -

The kitchen of the sharp weapon each has its own foothold in the river, the kitchen with scissors, do not underestimate its power, regardless of the chicken bones, nuts or the hard meat, the sea Moss soft, it can easily cut, handy, become the kitchen indispensable practical tool.


"To cut the knife" there are exquisite

Kitchen Scissors knife blade generally use more hardness of steel, because it can cut chicken wings or joints of bones, so good steel is the protection of operation, the general kitchen with more scissors for long arm design, the design of the shear strength. Scissors are usually held in the grip of plastic or have non-slip effect of polyester. In the kitchen a good kitchen with scissors can sometimes do "to cut the knife."

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  • Herb Scissors 5-Blades
  • Household Tailor Using Scissor

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