Multipurpose introduction of kitchen scissors

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Scissors are a necessary tool in the kitchen and are used in many places. Nowadays, reasonable use of space to become a topic of great importance to every family, so many kitchen tools together, or function simplification has become the industry designers are willing to work extremely. It is the same, the kitchen more use of scissors as soon as the emergence of consumers are generally welcomed.

According to the little compiled understanding, the kitchen multi-purpose scissors can have the following uses:

Kitchen knife: When you need to cut the fruit, chop the onion, as long as the scissors open a certain radian, you can spin out a sharp kitchen knife, in addition to cut water peel, winter melon rind is also very convenient.

Peeler: The oval design of the hilt can be used as a planing skin, the peel of water, the skin of radish and so on.

Scissors: Can be used when kitchen scissors, knife end with groove, you can easily cut chicken bones, duck wings and so on, make the platter especially easy to use, cut out the ingredients neat and beautiful, you can also be used as ordinary scissors.

Crab Clip: The middle of the handle with hard teeth, to clip open crabs, walnuts and other most convenient.

Bottle Opener: At one end of the scissors handle, it will help you to open the beer bottle and the sauce bottle easily.

Screwdriver: The other end of the ellipse handle, convenient for you to dismantle the screws and so on.

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