October 2018 Korea Seoul International Tools exhibition

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Exhibition Introduction

One of the internationally renowned professional tools exhibitions

Korea Seoul International Tool exhibition is one of the high-level professional exhibitions in the Asian tool industry, which has high popularity in the International tool field. The exhibition is sponsored by Korea Tools Industry Association, Korea Industry and Trade Resources department, Korea Small and medium-sized Enterprises Hall, Small and medium Enterprises Central Meeting, KOTRA (Korea Trade and Investment revitalization commune), the Korean Trade association, small and medium enterprises to revitalize the group support, by the South Korean government strongly recommended, was named one of Korea's most trustworthy exhibition, one session a year, 24 sessions have been held.

2016 Korea Seoul International Tool exhibition attracted 206 exhibitors, foreign enterprises number exceeded the total number of exhibitors more than 43%. Among them, cutting tools, diamond tools and abrasive class exhibitors accounted for more than 50% of the total exhibitors, not only attracted LG, Daewoo, Hyundai and other well-known enterprises in Korea, but also brought together 25 countries and regions 28,152 professional buyers and visitors to the on-site procurement negotiations. The exhibition of Mechanical exhibition, metal exhibition, welding equipment exhibition and auto parts exhibition in the same period is called the Korea Metal Industry exhibition, which brings together the buyers of shipbuilding, automobile, machinery, electronics and other industrial upstream and downstream industries, as well as the exhibition of industrial technology and technological innovation in Asia.


Market Analysis


South Korea is located in the northeast end of the Asian continent, the south part of the Korean peninsula, East, south, west of the three sides of the sea, located between the two countries, north andNorth   Koreaborder.South Koreais an emerging capitalist country, a founding member of APEC, the World Trade Organization and the East Asia Summit, and a member of the OECD, the group of 20 and the United Nations and other important international organizations.South Korea's economy is a market economy model, it is an OECD developed country with perfect market economy system, one of Asian dragons and the only developed country in the future 11 countries, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The economic boom created bySouth Koreais called the "miracle of the Han River".

According toSouth  Koreacustoms statistics, 2017 1-August,KoreaandChinabilateral imports and exports of goods of 151.76 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 12.7%. Among them,South Koreaexports 88.15 billion U.S. dollars toChina, an increase of 12%, accounting forSouth Korea's total exports of 23.5%, down 0.9%; imports 63.61 billion U.S. dollars fromChina, growth of 13.6%, accounting forSouth Korea's total imports of 20.3%, down 1.1%.South KoreaandChinatrade surplus of 24.54 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 8%. As of August,ChinawasKorea's largest trading partner.South Koreahas developed market economy, but less mineral resources, the lack of natural resources, the main industrial raw materials are dependent on imports.South Korea's shipbuilding, automotive, machinery, electronics and other industries are very developed, forecast annual growth potential of more than 10%, creating a global tool for the production, circulation, consumption of an important base, but also for the Korean tool market will become the Asian tool Market  Center laid the foundation.

Exhibits range


1. Cutting tools: Turning, milling, hole processing, thread, circular saw blades, gear cutters, special cutters, toolholder systems, etc.

2, Diamond Tools: Diamond tool, diamond grinding wheel, diamond bit, dressing tools, glass cutting machine, diamond raw materials, etc.

3, polishing/Grinding tools: Diamond file, abrasive, polishing paste, grinding plate, grind grinding disc, ceramic binder, resin, cutting wheel, polishing pad, etc.

4, electric and pneumatic tools: electric portable tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools and parts, woodworking tools, gardening tools, etc.

5, welding and measuring tools: laser welding and marking machine, portable welding machine, welding fixture, welding accessories, three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, microscope, video endoscope, a variety of measuring and so on.

  • Certificated 9'' Fully Stainless Steel Pinking Scissor
  • Full Stainless Steel Office Paper Cutting Scissors
  • Household Scissor With Black Handle
  • Kitchen Shears Multi-function With A Magnetic Holder
  • 9-1/4 Inch Household Scissors

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