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- Nov 28, 2017 -

Scissors handle the general use of plastic package, so as not only to avoid direct contact with the alloy, but also to reduce the weight of the whole scissors, and plastic is easy to shape, can be made into a variety of suitable modelling needs. Common plastics are polypropylene (PP), ABS plastic comparison

1 polypropylene (PP)

The density of polypropylene is the smallest of all plastics, about 0.90g/cm3. Polypropylene has excellent resistance to human nature, long-term use of temperature can be up to 100~120℃, Uguan when the use of temperatures up to 150 ℃, polypropylene is the only general plastic in the water can be boiled, and can withstand 135 ℃ of the disinfection temperature varieties. The low temperature resistance of polypropylene is less than that of polyethylene, and the embrittlement temperature is about -30℃~-10℃ (polyethylene-60 ℃). Low temperature and even room temperature impact resistance, brittle cracking at low temperature is the main disadvantage of polypropylene


Polypropylene is a non-polar plastic with excellent chemical stability, and the higher the crystallinity, the better the chemical stability. In addition to strong oxidizing acid (such as fuming sulfuric acid, nitric acid) on his corrosive action, at room temperature there is no solvent can make polypropylene dissolved, but low relative molecular weight of aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons on his softening or swelling effect, it's water absorption is very small, bibulous rate less than 0.01%


Polypropylene is susceptible to the aging of light, heat and oxygen in the process of forming and using. Polypropylene in the atmosphere of 12d aging and brittle, indoor place will deteriorate for 4 months, usually need to add ultraviolet absorbent, antioxidants, carbon black and zinc oxide, etc. to improve the weather resistance of polypropylene products.

The mechanical strength, rigidity and stress-resistance cracking of PP exceed HDPE, and have outstanding elongation and flexural fatigue performance, the movable hinge made of it has been tested by 70 million times bending test, without damage mark.

Polypropylene is more transparent than high-density polyethylene, polypropylene film, molded products, especially biaxial tensile film transparency is very good, suitable for packaging materials.

The electrical insulation of polypropylene is excellent, especially the high frequency insulation is very good, the breakdown voltage intensity is also high, and the water absorption rate is low, can be used for 120 degrees Celsius radio, TV heat insulation material.

Polypropylene (PP) is a versatile thermoplastic general-purpose plastic, coupled with small density, easy processing, low production costs, the use of PP in daily necessities, packaging materials, household appliances, automotive industry, construction and other industries have been widely used in the last more than 10 years, has become the fastest growing plastic one. However, PP also has some disadvantages, such as: Low melting point, low thermal deformation temperature, poor creep resistance, bad dimensional stability, low temperature brittleness and so on, limited its use as engineering stress material. To improve the impact strength and heat resistance of PP, broaden its scope, we should change it. 2.ABS Plastic

ABS is an acrylonitrile (A)-butadiene diene (S) ternary copolymer, is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastics developed on the basis of PS modification, with excellent impact toughness and comprehensive characteristics, it is the most successful engineering variety in general resins, its use is very extensive, has become one of the most important engineering plastics at present. ABS is a yellowish, opaque, non-toxic, tasteless thermoplastic resin. ABS is composed of three kinds of ingredients, so it has three kinds of synthetic energy, which is rigid material with tough rigidity. Acrylonitrile gives the resin a chemical resistance and a certain surface hardness; Butadiene gives the resin elastic and good impact strength, while styrene makes the resin rigid and liquid. Therefore, it is possible to change the composition of three ingredients to control the properties of ABS resin.

ABS tensile strength is not high, but the impact strength is higher, and at low temperature will not rapidly decline. ABS wear resistance is good, low friction factor. Heat resistance and low temperature tolerance moderate. Good electrical properties, affected by temperature, humidity, frequency changes in small. Water, inorganic acids, alkalis, salts and most alcohols, but soluble in ketones, aldehydes, esters and certain halogenated hydrocarbons.

The Butadiene chain segment of ABS contains double bond, and the weatherability is not good enough. Adding carbon black, ultraviolet absorbent or coating opaque paint, can improve the weather resistance. Heat resistance, low temperature resistance, weatherability and flame retardant are not ideal, can be grafted, filled, enhanced, nano and other methods of modification.

ABS fluidity general, the processing molding performance is good, adapts to extrude, blow molding, injection molding, laminated, thermoforming, foaming, welding, printing, electroplating, gold processing and polishing and other types of processing. and can be compatible with PVC, blending ABS alloy plastic. Widely used, has good surface hardness, and chemical corrosion, dimensional stability is good, heat resistance is not high, continuous operating temperature of about 70 degrees, thermal deformation temperature of about 93 degrees. It is easy to harden under the action of ultraviolet.

Based on the comparison of the above two plastic materials, comprehensive economic aspects and processing technology to consider, polypropylene (PP), high strength stiffness, generally used for higher-demand products, more expensive. Scissors as a common daily necessities, the materials used should be closer to the public, cheaper materials.

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