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- Nov 23, 2017 -

The Oriental people are more discriminating against the left-handed and often take more drastic measures to correct them. It is said that the ancient left-handers were not understood. In some languages, the word "left" can be interpreted as "clumsy" or "less sophisticated". The inhabitants of some of Africa's primitive tribes often stubbornly vindicate that their wives are prepared with their right hand, and that their intentions are self-evident. The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the left hand means avoiding evil desires. Also reflected in Chinese, people are accustomed to the right, "left" is always associated with some negative, derogatory concepts, meaning "partial", "evil", "wrong", such as "heretical", "left voice", and "disagreement" is contrary to opinion, "Zokian" is demoted.

On August 13, 1975, a group of lefties in Topeca, Kansas, set up an international organization called left-handers, who envision a combination of left-handers around the world to fight for the rights of left-handers. A year later, the organization held a celebration and identified the day as an international left-handers day. 1976 August 13 became the first international left-handers day. The international left-handed day gradually receives the world left-handed organization's recognition, has carried on the celebration activity, the left-handers gradually obtains everybody's attention.


According to the data given by China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) in June 08, the number of Internet users inChinahas reached 253 million. Among them, the proportion of female netizens rose to 46.4%, the number of 117 million people, the use of left-handed female number is 7.48 million. The same method to calculate the number of male left-handed netizens is 17.65 million. Then the number of users with left-handed is 25.12 million. This data is high quality data, we have extended this data to the total population 13亿来 computation. We can conclude that the development of the left-handed market, the development of 129 million people in the market!

In Western countries, left-handers accounted for as much as $number, which means that nearly 1 billion of the world's people are left-handed, from the consumption habits, left-handed adults accounted for more than 70% of the total. But this mighty group is a vulnerable group, the market left-handed supplies are few, it is understood that only a few domestic production plants in the production of left-handed goods, do the basic export orders, the domestic left-handed commodity market is basically a blank. They are in a world dominated by right-handed, and everything is in the opposite direction, so they always feel awkward everywhere.

With the change of concept, people pay more and more attention to the left-handed, as the quality of life continues to improve, people's demand for left-handed items is getting higher. Scissors, as an indispensable daily necessities of life, must become a hot spot of consumption. With the consumption of business opportunities, there is a need for production and design, and then the design of a product in line with this kind of special cluster has become an urgent topic.

  • Color Titanium Blade Household Scissors
  • Soft Red And Black Grip Fabric Cutting Tailor Scissors
  • Household Scissor With Sawtooth Blade
  • Office Scissor Yellow And Black Handle
  • 10 Inch Plastic Handle Household Scissors

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