Scissors Worship

- Oct 10, 2017 -

People's Worship of scissors has spawned many customs. Scissors can ward off evil spirits. We often see folk in boiling, often put a pair of scissors on the bottles, its meaning is to Ser plague. Old children go to temples, "postcards" (meaning after the birth of a full moon, when the parents send the baby to the temple, the monk, the Taoist priest takes a name or a Taoist name, and symbolically entrusts the child to the Buddhism, the Taoist temple, thus concluding a religious and the secular kinship, always obtains some exquisite production from the monk priest, It is said to bless the talisman of a life of peace, in which there are silver or copper scissors in the shape of the ornaments to avoid disasters. The gilded silver cut in the Tang Dynasty is the symbol of the fortune of dispelling disasters, Ming and Qing dynasties popular in Huizhou and Jiangsu and Zhejiang "thousand-layer Sieve", "ward off the calculation of" often has a miniature scissors, is generally made of jade, jade, very exquisite, it is intended for the baby to ward off disaster, fortune wealth.

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