student scissors stationery: product standards ignored by the market

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Ms. Ye recently had a headache. She did not like to study in elementary school. She was keen on collecting pencils, long, short, soft, hard, thick, thin ... full of decent pencil Drawer, while the daughter is still full of meaning, continue to collect new products around. "What are the pencils worth collecting? Are some ordinary stationery.


Ms. Ye can not understand her daughter's special "preferences," thinking that it takes both time and money to waste, and also affects learning.

"Many student stationery has bid farewell to the younger age of the design, into the concept of green, the shape is simple and generous, even adults are hard to resist its charm." Miss Ding, a stationery with a special complex frankly, today's student stationery design Really maturing, the boundaries of age are not so obvious.


Students favor, adult sought after, the charm of student stationery come from? Age is not a problem? With all sorts of questions, the reporter visited the large stationery wholesale market in Beijing and some boutiques. They found that the concept of student stationery is unknown and the age is difficult to distinguish. Some take the brand line, appearance and ordinary stationery is almost the same, but in terms of safety indicators, instructions for use made more elaborate requirements and labeling. Some also hit the characteristic card - fragrant "food cuisine" rubber, you can write three-dimensional characters popcorn pen, cartoon style book ... ... Although the unique creative, but the life experience is somewhat confusing. A boutiques salesman said their stationery imported fromSouth Korea, the quality is perfect, many students are purchased in bulk sets.

"Pen contains fluorescer, artificial rubber added artificial spices, such products containing special ingredients is suitable for students of all ages?" When asked about the age and scope of the students stationery, many sales staff are "one asked Three do not know, "the salesman gives the answer is" no age limit. " However, the reporter noted that many products have been marked "suitable for children over the age of xx", and for some product packaging, marked as Korean, you can not verify the limits of their age range.

In Chongwen District, Beijing, a large professional stationery wholesale market - Everlasting Stationery Market, sales staff stationery for students of age and the same obscenity. When reporters showed that to buy a special student stationery, many shop staff are invariably expressed that they are selling all the stationery are suitable for students to use. A sales staff even pointed to a product packaging on the "environmental non-toxic," the words told reporters, "As long as the labeling of environmentally friendly non-toxic products, the quality is good, students of different ages can be assured."

No matter how ambiguous the concept of student stationery in the market, one thing is clear. According to the China Culture, Education and Sports Association Professional Student Stationery definition of limited - "Student Stationery" refers to specifically for students, especially those under 14 years of age inside and outside the school specifically designed and manufactured a class of stationery, generally not students Used by other people.

Matched with this age limit, national standards for student stationery safety requirements. Luo Hu-sheng, secretary general of the Stationery Professional Committee of Chinese Culture, Education and Sports Goods Association, told reporters that the mandatory national standard "General Requirements for the Safety of Student Supplies" implemented on April 1 last year covers almost all the products that are suitable for use by underage students, Including watercolor paint, crayon, oil bar, finger paint, plasticine, eraser, altered products, adhesives, watercolor pens, writing pens, marker pens, drawing with the ruler, the book, school bags, pencil case, student scissors, stationery, Pencil sharpener 18 categories of products.


At the same time, the standard tailor-made a series of safety measures for students, a special consumer group, which stipulates the maximum amount of antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium that can be migrated. The content of benzene in the organic solvent should not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons. The content of free formaldehyde, benzene and xylene in the adhesive is stipulated. The formaldehyde content in the fabrics, auxiliary materials and glue used in bags, pencils, etc. shall not be allowed More than 300mg / kg; for student supplies used dye aromatic amine content has made provisions; consider too white paper is likely to cause visual fatigue, so the provisions of student supplies must not exceed 85% white paper; taking into account the younger children When using a stationery such as a pen, it is easy to swallow a pen cap and cause suffocation, so the size of the pen cap is limited, and a cap cap ventilation area and air circulation are also required. In the event of accidental swallowing, but also to ensure the normal breathing of children; Finally, the students scissors, knives, pencil sharpeners, drawing ruler, stationery boxes, such as the edge, the tip also made clear.

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