Tailor scissors selection and use method

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Scissors should be properly maintained and cleverly used to keep them sharp for a long time. In the cutting bed spread good fabric, the left hand light pressure fabric, right hand grip the hilt, the next piece of scissors affixed to the end of the cutting bed, the hilt slightly raised, the cutting line to use the middle part of the blade cut open, and scissors slightly to the outside side tilting collars. Cutting sharp corners or turning parts to use the edge, in the cutting process, remember not to lift the scissors, or two or more layers of cutting pieces will be dislocation, resulting in the cutting of the film in the process of error. In addition, scissors do not hold in the hands of empty shear or left-right collars scissors, so as to avoid the blade directly rub or bite edge.

The way to pick scissors. To make two or more layers of fabric cut accurate, should choose special scissors, the most commonly used is 24-28 cm length, that is labeled 10th, 11th, 12th of the scissors. The key to identify the quality of scissors, is to cut the edge of the cloth as the focus, first look at the two blades to be sharp, the blade is straight on the edge, the next blade slightly curved, two blades to the head to flat. Second, see if the two scissors are equal thickness, and then the hilt grip in the hands of good feeling, do not grind hands, not awkward, with the above conditions is more ideal scissors.

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