The method of choosing scissors

- Dec 15, 2017 -

1, look at the steel scissors.

Good cutting knife The most important condition of course is the steel is better, now high-grade scissors usually used 440C steel, hardness of 58-60, especially the domestic scissors, this steel has represented the best steel.GermanyandJapanhave some 314 steel Nissan. Some people will say that the gloss of the scissors is polished, which is true, but no matter how polished, the different material of the light emitted by the steel color itself can not be changed, just a little brighter. But some scissors steel is matte.


2. Look at the scissors.

The high and low grades of scissors depend largely on the fine workmanship. Observe the work one is to see the inner edge of the edge of the line that the edge of the inside a white light, for the scissors two blade contact track line is smooth, may open the scissors, then gently close, feel the shear mouth is smooth, the second is to see whether the guide rail is sleek, now most of the Scissors guide is "U" shape, Japanese scissors bias "V" shape, But the end must be sleek, the third is to see whether the handle conforms to ergonomic principles of design, scissors grip in the hands feel comfortable, finger in the circle will not have discomfort, refers to the edge of the circle is smooth and rounded, the end of the hand is solid, the tip is close.


3, test the hand of the scissors.

If the scissors meet the above standards, the handle will not have a big problem, but scissors are produced by hand, and can not guarantee the quality of each is perfect, and regardless of its quality is a problem, always want to use their own feel comfortable, because each person's finger shape and thickness of the difference, The same scissors each hand will have a slight difference. But when trying to feel the need to pay attention to, be sure to gently open and close, because the speed of the resulting air shear, the new scissors knife edge damage, most vendors are not allowed to do so.


4, the sharpness of the test scissors.

Here are two simple methods: one is to take a single layer of tissue paper, water spray, with scissors to cut open a cut, if the shear smooth is sharp, scissors coarse is unpleasant; the second is to take a cut cotton towel on the cotton line, with scissors tip to cut, can be cut to indicate sharp tip. But no matter which method to try, before the test must obtain the consent of the seller, high-grade scissors are generally not allowed to try.


All of the above are from the quality of consideration, in addition to our economic situation, the use of habits and other differences to analyze, including scissors brand, price, size, hand type and so on. To make two or more layers of fabric cut accurate, you should choose special scissors, the most commonly used is the 24-28cm length, that is labeled with #, $number, $number scissors. The key to identify the quality of scissors, is to cut the edge of the cutting cloth focus, first look at the two blade is sharp, the blade is straight, the next blade slightly curve, two blade head to flat. Second, see whether the two pieces of scissors, such as wide, and so thick, and then grip the handle in the hands of good feeling, not grinding hands, not awkward, with the above conditions are more ideal scissors. In addition, the small scissors, also known as yarn cut, is necessary, mainly used in hand sewing or sewing small parts when cutting line or thread, in some parts need to cut the mouth is also very convenient. Choose a small pair of scissors with the right blade and good elasticity.

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