The origins of Scissors

- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. Back to foreign scissors

According to archaeological records, ancient Egyptians had begun to use bronze foundry shears in the early 3rd century BC.

Knife. In the walls of the Cong Onpo Shrine (Temple of Kom Ombo), scissors and some medical equipment are depicted, and scholars are widely believed to be the first to use surgical techniques by Egyptians.

2. Back to domestic scissors

According to the Western Han Dynasty's "Er Ya" records: "Agents, scissors, Qi also." "Jin Guo Note:" Southern people call scissors as a knife. "Thus, at least in the more than 2000-year period from the Western Han Dynasty (the first 206 to AD 8), the ancient people of China have invented and used scissors." The scissors at that time were different from the scissors now. In 1953, 4 iron scissors unearthed from the tomb of the Western Han Dynasty in Luoyang, Henan Province, are the oldest scissors found in China. They do not have axial eyes, there is no shaft, just a bar of the two ends of the hammer into a knife-like, straight back straight blade, end into a sharp front, from the middle of the bending back into a ring, so that the knife after the stock, the whole scissors are "8" shape. The fulcrum of this kind of scissors is in the last part, use the elasticity of steel, press one, make two blade intersect, resemble tweezers. In these scissors, a pass length of 21.1 centimeters, blade length 10 centimeters. In ancient times, with the role of eradication, later the knife gradually developed into a practical tool for civilian, as early as the old hundred home to become an indispensable "home electricity" one. Knife as a daily necessities, in China a long history, the Chinese character "scissors" pictographic meaning "knife before a knife."

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