The scissors material

- Nov 25, 2017 -

The scissors material is the essential factor which decides the pruning performance, has the influence to the pruning efficiency, the trim quality as well as the shearing durability.

Excellent performance of the scissors material, is to ensure that the basic conditions for efficient work. Scissors Blade part in the work of strong friction, pruning, in order to enable scissors to obtain good mechanical properties, process properties, chemical properties, scissors materials should have the conditions:

1. Hardness and high abrasion resistance

Scissors materials must have a certain degree of hardness, this is the basic requirements of scissors materials, the existing scissors material hardness generally above 60HRC. The harder the scissors material, the better the wear resistance, but the more complex the working conditions, the wear resistance of the material depends on the stability of its chemical composition alloy phase. 2. Sufficient strength and impact toughness

Strength refers to the ability of the material to resist deformation and rupture under the action of External force (load), to resist the effect of shearing force and not to have the performance of the blade collapsing. Usually expressed in flexural strength.

Impact toughness is the ability of materials to withstand impact loads. Scissors materials in the shear or impact of the working conditions to ensure the ability to do not collapse, generally, the higher the hardness, the lower the impact toughness, the more brittle the material. Hardness and toughness are a pair of contradictions, but also scissors, tool materials should be overcome a key. 3. Good workmanship and economy

In order to facilitate the manufacture, the scissors materials should have good workmanship, such as forging, heat treatment and grinding performance. Of course, in the manufacture and selection should be integrated consideration of economic. At present, superhard materials and coated scissors materials cost more expensive, but its service life is very long, in mass production, the cost of each part is reduced. Therefore, we must consider synthetically when choosing.

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