The taboo of placing scissors in the home

- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. Knife cut in the bedroom

Not suitable for the relationship between husband and wife, not suitable for childbirth, knives and scissors placed in the bedroom, will affect marriage feelings. The relationship between husband and wife is estranged, often the cause of the failure and the possible reason is the knife cut. Knife scissors have cut off the ability to love, it is reported that a friend also cut the knife under the bedside, for the life of the troubles are all cut off. In fact, this approach is not correct, very dangerous, but also not conducive to the birth of couples, not conducive to pregnant women with fetal. Here or suggest that you usually use the knife before the pack up to put in the drawer appropriate.

2. Knife cut in the kitchen

Not suitable for family health, not Yu Ying; the kitchen is the place to provide meals, it has a bit of unclean will cause harm to the human body. Knife cut with evil spirit, but the kitchen to cook food had to use a kitchen knife or peeling knives, and so on, there is conflict, or recommend friends after the knife cut clean put in drawers or cabinets. And usually the kitchen knife placed on the table or chopping board or inserted in the tool holder of the practice is wrong. Because the tool is exposed easily poorer.

3. Knife cut in the living room

Not for the cause, but also bring bad luck, put in the living room knife scissors are usually fruit knives, or living room placed with knives jewelry. The living room is to greet the guest's place, if does not have the careful to put the knife shears to affect your career and the network. As a result, it is advisable to put a knife on a knife, as often as a fruit knife so that the small knife is placed in the cupboard. This is convenient and safe.

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