The usage and function of direct shear

- Oct 10, 2017 -

The use of direct shear, from different functions to divide, there are flat shear, cutting, scratching, shearing, cutting four kinds.

① The effect of flat shear is to cut off long hair, determine the length of the style of hair, for the next procedure. In the rough cut it should use the comb and the scissors to combine the operation, from the front to the left, back, to the right in turn to cut. Comb the hair with a comb, lift the comb up to the desired length, and cut off the hair of the minister on the comb until the overall outline of the desired hairstyle is cut out.

② cutting shears and also known as sliding shears. Rough cut after the formation of the contour, but also need to be cut, wrong development stubble, to reach a level of uniformity. Cutting just removes excess hair from thicker parts. When you operate, comb your hair, with the left index finger and middle finger clip, also can be used to carry the thumb and forefinger, remove Brigade, the hair to pull up and hair root scalp vertical, right hand grip scissors, cut mouth half open, slide back and forth in the hair, will be too thick hair cut off. You should pay attention to shearing blade can not be closed, or the whole strand of hair will be cut off, resulting in a deficit, disconnection. Cut the hair, should be uneven, from thick to thin, from long to short, excessive to be very natural. After the hair is trimmed in turn, the whole hairstyle is basically finished.

③ scratching and shearing is also called Jiajian. This method is used more recently when cutting some popular hairstyles. After the hair has been cut and cut, the length and thickness basically reach the design of the hairstyle requirements. And the scratch is in the first two processes on the basis of the entire hairstyle again finishing, the sulfur leakage of the place for renovation. Some designs, according to the hair condition, also may use only scratches the method to carry on the operation. The method of operation is to select a standard part first, at the top or back of the neck, with the length of the hair in this area as the benchmark, comb the part of the hair with the adjacent hair, with the index finger and middle finger (note the width of the lifting hair do not wing or finger length), pulled to the top of the standard line ( In particular, attention should be paid to the angle of the different parts. If the angle is inconsistent, cut out of the hair is the length of the line, will exceed the standard lines of hair cut, and then move down in turn, from the back to the left, then from the back to the right, each part is caught, cut, the entire pruning process is completed.

④ pick scissors and scissors, also known as the adjustment of the level and length of a method of operation, especially for a high level of design. For example, people with less hair, in order to achieve fluffy, appear more hair effect, it is best to use this method of pruning. The way to do this is: comb the hair with a comb, cut the hair off the comb with scissors, then use the scissors to hold up the upper layer of hair, comb it with a comb, and pull out the scissors that will grow out of the hair. Comb and scissors to cooperate with each other, alternating up, notice the extent of the move should not be too large to avoid disconnection.

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