why do you need a kitchen scissors?

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Senior cooks are inseparable from a pair of scissors, a pair of scissors that belong exclusively to the kitchen. or silver flashing, or rust stains, but the life of the kitchen always have a suitable hand scissors, with the cook companion, through the winter and summer cold.

Why is it so important for a scissors to appear in the kitchen?

It is no more precious than the jewel in her grandmother's Ebony box, but there is a deep friendship between the scissors and the cook. Holding this small instrument, like more than a good helper, the home of a vegetable and a meal of food all need this helper's participation

Small to green onion, garlic, big to chicken, shredded pork, can be cut out, quick, neat. When the dish is washed, it is easy to cut, and it is not easy to cut your hand with a knife.

The face of the sleek fish and shrimp, placed on the chopping board is difficult to fix, even if the hand up the knife fell, the tangent is also unavoidably askew. If the scissors to battle, fresh fish ripper, cut shrimp line, the incision neat and beautiful, but also omitted to wash the chopping block of the big cost.

However, the old-fashioned scissors blade sharp, handle the small, to cut open a little dry hard food, the grip not only laborious, make the palm of a deep imprint, slightly careless even cut the fine jade hand.


Blade too thin scissors, also can not withstand the toss of various ingredients, the use of soon become sluggish, the middle of the shear shaft is easy to loose.

Such a thick scissors, absolutely stand the test of various ingredients. Cut open the fish bone, chicken claw is nothing, even a kitchen friend with this scissors made an authentic white cut chicken.

For example, the serrated edge of the blade is actually a hidden fish-scale scrape.

One side of the blade has a special cut meat ribs small gap, the meat bar will never run around, all to be clever to be cut open, the strength position can be accurate grasp.

The end of the handle two pieces of metal, but also a lot of use. One is curved metal sheet, open beer bottle cap is not difficult.


Another, flat square piece, can penetrate any narrow gaps, do not need to use the nails personally. Encounter can not open the old godmother bottle no need to be helpless, as long as the sealing cover edge pry open a little, the lid will be able to gently unscrew.

The middle of the shear shaft can be removed, cleaning is very convenient, dirt difficult to hide. The blunt-head design of the blade greatly reduces the chance of the misoperation stabbing itself.

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