Existing scissors trends at home and abroad

- Nov 24, 2017 -

There are 35 of people in life used to scissors, that the scissors have become a life must product; 8 are left-handed, which is consistent with the results of the national left-handers survey; When using scissors, 85 people are vertical shears; the biggest problem with conventional scissors is that two blades are hard to match and cut constantly; The traditional scissors form is very single, the price of the left hand scissors is higher than the ordinary scissors 15﹪ the following people are acceptable; 45 people feel the need to improve on the modelling, 20 people feel the need to improve the structure, 18 people feel the need to improve color, 5 people feel the need to improve the material, 2 people do not comment , 27 people felt the need to carry out the multi-functional design of scissors.

Analysis: First, the industry development trend: Like China is a large population, left-handed people accounted for more than the proportion. The study showed that lefties accounted for about 6% per 7% of the total population (in western countries, where lefties accounted for as much as $number). Compared with many countries, the market for left-handed goods in our country remains almost nil. Obviously this is not because there is no demand, but our business is not sensitive enough. In a sense, it is a market that has lost nearly 100 million people. Relative to the foreign market than the domestic more perfect, left-handed items are relatively more, but also more perfect.

Secondly, in the shape, the right hand with the shear features, the scissors pointed up to the top, from the upper left to the lower half on the upper side. Right hand-held scissors, thumb mound extrapolation, index finger middle finger inner pressure, edge close. The Anfa of two halves of the left hand is just the opposite. Only in this way, the left hand can be cut to ensure that the edge is also closed. When left-handed scissors with right hand, have to abnormal the thumb inside the forefinger of the middle finger extrapolation, very awkward. And the edge has blocked the view, it is inconvenient. Simply speaking, the Anfa of the left-hand scissors is just the opposite.

With the improvement of living standards, people's quality of life requirements are increasingly high, the original left-handed people are also gradually forgotten, so that the design of the scissors for them also became an urgent thing. From this point you can see the left hand scissors have a large market, and like this kind of targeted, humane design is relatively little, the domestic market is still a blank, the future is conceivable, in the design, in the shape of more ergonomic, more human.

The price of the left hand scissors is more expensive than the ordinary scissors, because it is the design of the pertinence, the manpower, material resources and so on are much more than the ordinary scissors, generally more than ordinary scissors 15﹪ below is acceptable.

Left-hand Scissors this series of design, in the domestic market, the relative competitiveness is not so strong, but in foreign countries, left-handed design relatively more, will inevitably be impacted by the international market.

Customer base is left-handed, left-handed occupies a large proportion, some statistics show that China's left-handers accounted for about 10% of the total population, this data is high-quality data, we extend this data to the total population 13亿来 calculation, consumer population can reach 130 million

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