Analysis Of Scissors Blade Material

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Modern household scissors use die steel, and use most of the Cr12 class Cr12mov,

Cr12mov Steel has a high hardenability, section 300 ~ 40 0㎜ can be completely quenched, in 300 ~ 40 0 ℃ can still maintain good hardness and wear resistance, toughness is higher than Cr12 steel, when quenching volume changes the smallest. It can be used to manufacture various moulds and tools with large cross-section, complex shape and heavy impact load. Neutral Salt Bath boronizing process of cold-working cold working die Steel, cold-working steel through the neutral salt bath vanadium treatment can be obtained carbide infiltration layer, one, carbon vanadium compound, the infiltration layer is homogeneous, with good continuity and compactness, uniform thickness, compact structure, with very high microhardness and high wear resistance, surface hardness , wear resistance and adhesion resistance and other properties. Second, the solubility of VC in Austenite is higher than its solubility in iron body, with the decrease of temperature, VC precipitates from Iron body, which makes the alloy strengthen and grain refinement, and the compound layer shows high hardness. Cr12mov belong to high carbon high chromium laigang steel, carbide content is high, about 20%, and often banded or reticulate uneven distribution, segregation serious, and conventional heat treatment is difficult to change the status of carbide segregation, seriously affecting the mechanical properties of steel and die life. and the shape of carbide, the size of the steel performance also has a great impact, especially the large block of sharp-angle carbide on the steel matrix of the separation of large, often become the source of fatigue fracture, for this reason must be the raw materials rolled steel to forge, fully crushed eutectic carbide, so that it is small and evenly distributed, The fibrous tissue is distributed around the cavity or the amorphous direction, thus improving the transverse mechanical properties of the steel.

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