Fifty Years Ago, It Was The First Plastic Handle Tailor Scissor

- Nov 17, 2017 -

The Design Museum in Helsinki,Finland, is holding an exhibition called "Our Scissors." The main character of the exhibition is the National small scissors used by every Finnish fiskars--, which was born in 1967, and this year, it is just 50 years old.

The scissors look bland, with an orange plastic handle scissors and a small body, which is certainly unremarkable in today's stationery shop--but 50 years ago it was the first to use a plastic-material handle.

Olof B ckstr M pioneered the use of plastic in scissors, 1967, he designed the scissors came out, great success, in the next dozens of years marketing the world, the cumulative sale of more than 1 billion. Fiskars Company also continues to expand product line, stationery scissors, tailor scissors, kitchen scissors, gardening scissors ... Various uses.