How To Pick A Good Pair Of Scissors

- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. The high and low grade of scissors depends on the fine degree of workmanship to a great extent.

(1) Look inside the edge of the edge line (that is, a white light inside the blade, for the scissors two blade contact track line) to be evenly smooth, you can open to see and then gently close the feeling of shear smooth degree to judge smooth;

(2) See the Smooth Guide rail, China's Scissors Guide is "U" shape, Japanese scissors to "V" shape, but the end must be sleek;

(3) Look at the handle to conform to ergonomic principles of design, scissors grip in the hands feel comfortable, fingers in the circle to feel comfortable, the edge of the circle to smooth round, the end of the hand to be firm, the tip of the close.

2. Scissors the main condition of course is the steel is better, now high-grade scissors usually used 440C steel, hardness reached 58~60. Gloss luster Good is good steel, matte scissors steel to be inferior.

3. Feel comfortable. Feel comfortable scissors do time on the chairman, feel uncomfortable scissors, with a will stop to exercise fingers, delay work. So be sure to have a good pair of scissors. Another reason is that everyone's hands are different, so the comfort level will be different.

4. Scissors blade to be fast, you can use a single layer of paper spraying water, and then scissors, if the cut smooth representative is good scissors, the second method is to take a section of fine cotton, with scissors tip to cut, can break means sharp tip.

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