Scissors Production Process

- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. Cutting sheet opening

2. Cut and punch

3. Shear Heat Treatment: After 1000 degrees of high-temperature combustion, so that the shear film to achieve a certain degree of hardness.

4. Natural cooling

5. Leveling treatment of Shearing plate

6. Back Polishing treatment

7. Abrasive polishing

8. Cut Belly Polishing Treatment

9. Cutting and toughening the liqueur

10. Cleaning and drying of cutting piece

11. Injection Handle

12. Scissors assembly; Threaded connection

  • Professional Dressmaking Scissor Full Stainless Steel High Quality
  • Clever Food Cutter with Cutting Board Kitchen Fruits Chopper
  • Titanium Utility Scissors Household
  • Titanium Coating Precision Grinding Blades Tailor Scissor
  • 10 Inch Stainless Steel Plastic Handle Tailor Heated Scissors
  • Cute Flower Shape Stainless Paper Scissors

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