The Difference Between Casting Scissors And Forged Scissors

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Cast scissors: That is, metal powder, melt into liquid by high temperature, pour into already have scissors mold inside, wait for cooling after demoulding out, it is the rough embryo of scissors, usually in high-temperature metal liquid injection mold easy to produce bubbles, the worse disadvantage is poor toughness. The partial maintenance of the blowhole is not easy to form rust.

Forged scissors: is to have a certain thickness of steel plate into the high-temperature furnace by high temperature and let the steel plate temperature rise. Put the punch on the punching machine on the stamping principle, metal plate molecules closer and complete rough embryo molding processing, the aim is to increase the hardness of scissors, and the toughness is higher than the casting scissors.

The pros and cons of the two knives are not difficult to compare. The disadvantages of casting scissors are much more than those of forged scissors. The advantages come less. But after the coarse embryo completes, the subsequent detail processing also is closely related with the scissors ' durability, like the later heat treatment part of the forged scissors, if the treatment is not good, that also will cause the hardness insufficient, but makes the blade angle of the scissors easier to collapse, affect the cutting ability of scissors.

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