The Question And Answer About The Scissors Steel

- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. Q: How to identify the hardness and durability of steel?

A: The carbon content in the steel determines the hardness and durability of the steel. The best steel has a carbon content of about 0.6% to 1%. The Rockwell hardness of such steels is about 57 to 60.

2. Q: What is so special about cobalt-containing steel? A: Cobalt-containing steel is the most advantageous feature of a much longer use time than the general scissors. But at the same time, it is relatively brittle, easy to break. On the contrary, the German Sith Parker uses carbon steel to make scissors, which have enough hardness and toughness, which means that the blades of the scissors have good durability, remain sharp and durable. In addition, the service life of the micro-carbon steel is much longer than that of cobalt-containing steel.

3. Q: What other factors affect the quality of steel? A: Tenacity of steel is also very important, it directly affects the scissors blade cutting the durability and whether the blade will soon break. The barium in steel is an important element in determining tenacity.

4. Q: The steel of the scissors can be distinguished by the naked eye? A: No, hairdressing scissors used in the production of steel formulations vary widely, although their characteristics vary greatly, but the surface color and gloss may be very similar.

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