The Scholar And The Scissors

- Oct 10, 2017 -

The literati of the past dynasties, also often put scissors to express the object of emotion, make it illusory, anthropomorphic. For example, Tang Dynasty poet Stripling's "Yong Liu" in the "Do not know the fine leaves who cut, February Spring breeze like scissors." "Sing the Scissors." Huizong Zongzhao was the Golden man, when the prisoner, he in the North Line, occasional apricot blossom, chujingshengqing, fu "Feast Shanting" way: "Cut ice silk, light overlap weight, light the swallow fat evenly note." "The Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu you face the Motherland's beautiful, is poetic such as the tide, he in the" Qiu think "in Yin Way:" Poetry also like and knife fast, cut autumn into the volume. "The Qing Dynasty painting master Changshuo masterpiece" cut the plum to clear the plan "in, vigorous plum branches in the altar, branches on the Red plum blossoming, altar also put a pair of scissors, the poem:" Cut the first spring breeze, "the meaning of winter. The modern culture tycoon Hu Shi in vernacular "the newly married miscellaneous poem" wrote: "remembers that year, your family has done the dowry, my family has prepared the new house, only has never caught me this lang!" This decade, changed a few Dynasty emperors, see how many rise and fall, rust you dowry in the knife cut, changed how much you married clothes new kind, older you and my son a pair! The scissors in the dowry insinuated his dissatisfaction with the arranged marriage. In the middle of the 60 's, drama Master Tian Han came to Hangzhou Zhang Scissors factory, once improvised compose a: "Fast like the wind to run like oil, steel distinct varieties of thick, cut jiangshan into rich, Hangzhou is more than the state." "The author from a common ordinary scissors, rich poetically associate with the" cutting Jiangshan "and the Great motherland of the beautiful vision.

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